New Year, Better Results

I enjoy the new year, mostly because it’s like starting a race again but this time knowing where the hills and water stations are. Last year I had a fitness goal of losing the belly fat I’ve been carrying for years! I made some leads, but I’m not where I hoped to be.

I usually don’t post many before and after pics of myself, but since visual records tend to show results better than memory I’ll make an exception. I’ve noticed in the past month I’ve made some great progress and I’m closer to my goal than I realized. So I believe that 2015 is the year of the beast……….Megan!

As of January 1st this is where I stand.

Jan 1 front

Jan 1 left side


This is me after all the hoilday meals, cookies, cakes ( and the 3rd slice  of cake  that I know I shouldn’t  have eaten).

I know that being held accountable for one’s actions helps to encourage progress. So I am putting my goal out for everyone to see so that I will actively pursue my goal.  2015…..I’m ready!!

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