Explaining My Lifestyle To My Dream Reader, Newbie Health Enthusiast

After reading the about me page and the couples of posts that I have on my site I know there may be some readers that do not understand what I mean by living a natural, clean life. So let me take a little time to explain what I mean.

Clean Eating……What is it?

For most people, clean eating will mean different things. To me clean eating means to limit fried and processed foods which are packaged/boxed foods, white flour, sugar, most breads and pastas. Processed foods are usually so refined that most of the valuable nutrients are left out of food. Which usually just makes food fatty and high in sodium. Also, to mention, so many chemicals are added to processed foods just to maintain the shelf life that these chemicals can have long-term, negative effects on the body. That’s why eating more fulling foods like fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, and limiting addictive ingredients like sugar and sodium can help to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

What caused the change to a healthier me.

The reason why I chose to live a clean and natural life all began when I was a teenager. I was overweight, obese and I was just diagnosed with having gallstones, which is typical correlated to people who are overweight, pregnant, and genetically predisposed to getting the condition. Dealing with my gallstones was a nightmare! Every few weeks I would endure intense, unbearable abdominal pain and the occasional case of spewing out everything I just ate. I was unhappy. So being the resilient person that I am, I decided that I will not let this problem define me. I did not want to be someone who developed more and more healthy issues as I got older. I pushed forward and worked on changing my health. It was a slow process, but I am glad that I took the steps to change my life around.

There may be people that start new ‘diets’ or change their eating/health lifestyle because it’s a new trend or they believe that it will help them lose those last 10 lbs. But I chose to change my life because I wanted to live and be happy.

Since being a teenager, I’ve developed a passion to be healthy. My passion is so strong I try to encourage others to begin their own path to a healthier life. I take every opportunity I get to speak to people about all the positive things that happened once changing my lifestyle. And I know once you start you will feel the same way.
I guess I would say I see myself as a health activist- fighting to change society’s minds about health one person at a time.

image Me when I was a teen. I had to show this picture as proof that I’ve been through obstacles.

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4 thoughts on “Explaining My Lifestyle To My Dream Reader, Newbie Health Enthusiast

  1. Hello Megan! As someone who has also becoming increasingly interested in nutrition, healthy living, and obesity (both at a personal and socio-economic-science-world level), I found your story very impactful. Looking forward to your future posts! I just started my own wordpress and plan on writing on nutrition as well as other topics that are important to me.

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