Electrolytes…….. oh!

image I love a good sweat session.

Even though I love a good sweat session, I can tell my body does not love the fact that I do not put the proper nutrients in my body. Due to my newly declared goal ( read: New Year, Better Results) I’ve been analyzing areas in my life where I can improve and of course food was one of them. I decided that I need to focus more on my pre- and post- workout routine, specifically what I eat and drink. Knowing that the meals consumed before and after a workout can help performance and physical results, it’s a shame that I have been so careless of my pre-workout and post-workout game.

What I found…

Electrolytes are electrical charges in the body which plays an important role in performance when training. Electrolytes help to restore pH balance, regulate body’s fluids, and maintain endurance during physical activity. Since electrolytes are lost through sweat it’s important to snack on foods with nutrients that make up electrolytes.

I made a short list below of food that can help my performance and improve physical results.

Sodium and Chloride

This pretty much means table salt which maintains fluid balance in the body.
–  Chocolate milk
–  Cheese


Needed for muscle contraction, and regulates kidneys
–  Bananas and oranges
–  Tomatoes
–  Sweet potatoes
–  Leafy greens such as spinach and kale


Maintains bone growth and aids in relaxation of muscles.
 Whole grains
 Nuts (my favorites are almonds and pistachios)


Builds stronger bones and regulates muscle contractions.

other nutritional food that can benefit….

Protein is also important when strength training. Protein helps in recovery between workouts and helps to build muscle mass and definition. Eating protein like fish, lean poultry, and beans will be a good addition when eating meals after a workout. One of my favorite ways of adding protein to my day is adding protein powder to my food, like my smoothies!

Now all I need to do is turn this list into snacks and meals and I’ll be saying good bye to flab….hopefully.

Sources: LivestrongPopsugar

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