Releasing My Sugar Demon

As an ongoing effort to continuously improve my health I’ve  decided  to quit sugar. This may seem like an extreme  measure for most, but I assure you its needed in my situation. Recently I  stumbled across Sarah Wilson’s  book I Quit Sugar. Since I am a known sugar fiend I knew  that this is a book that I needed to read…… willingly or not.

Just two weeks ago, I was dealing with my monthly PMS cravings which means seeking out anything and everything that contains sugar and not stopping until I gorge myself into a sugar-induced high. I always blamed my sugar cravings on my monthlies. I thought  that it was normal  for women to have any type of cravings during this time of the month. Besides, I deserve  a reward, so I thought!

When I read the book, I immediately started to relate to Sarah’s experience  as a sugar addict. I learned that I, too, was an addict. Yes, I always thought I had a sweet tooth, but just like any other addict I didn’t  want to admit it (if you admit it then you HAVE to stop and deal with your addiction ) and I didn’t  want to stop, I love cupcakes and pastries and all that sweet stuff. It became an unspoken love affair and I was in too deep to pull myself out.

But as usual I had to snap back to reality.  I asked myself, how do you want to live Megan, healthy?  or addicted?

I’ve already dedicated  my life to becoming healthy, how can I knowingly  say that I eat clean, healthy, and natural  while poisoning  my body? So, I am starting the journey…


Prepping  myself  mentally to quit sugar
In the second week of February I made my declaration: I will quit sugar! After making this statement I knew that it would be hard,  but I’m  a strong girl…. I’ve  been  through  worse.
The first few days were a CHALLENGE and I am not exaggerating. I went through all the typical withdrawal symptoms that any normal addict would encounter, headaches, fatigue, weak, irritable, mood swings, and I think I may have even experienced chills at one point.

My quick research on withdrawal symptoms of a drug addict
My quick research on withdrawal symptoms of a drug addict

Needless to say, I was not as in control of my cravings as I’d hoped to be. One day I went home and ate half a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. After that experience I realized how much of the food in my pantry contained sugar. It was hard for me to figure out why my tomato sauce and crackers had any sugar.

“Those are my savory foods how come my savory foods have sugar in it?”

8 week program
I’m starting the 8 week program the first week of March. I know, you’re thinking, you haven’t started the program yet and going through all of this! But I just went grocery shopping a couple of days before making my declaration and I can’t afford to waste food or buy more til next paycheck. However, everyday I am cutting back so it won’t be such an epic failure down the line. There will be a lot more to come on my journey to quitting sugar. Hopefully it won’t be such a tragic ending.

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