Get Up And Start Running

I enjoy challenges. Knowing that if I apply hard work and persistence to a goal that I am capable of doing better than what I did yesterday is my biggest motivation. 5K races are my favorite challenges. It’s a way to keep myself motivated as well as a way to assess any improvements I’ve made since last year. Recently, I competed in a local 5K race.

Race Day
Race Day

I like to participate in fitness events that support and promote a healthy lifestyle. The Cantrell Center in my town coordinates a 5k every year to spread health awareness.


This year makes the third year in a row that I’ve run in the race and it warms my soul seeing people of all ages and fitness levels running alongside me. I started running three years ago with the goal of running in a race. I wanted to get back into exercising after being sedentary for a long period after graduating college and I could not get motivated to workout everyday after work. That’s when I came up with the goal of competing in a race to help kick start my motivation. My goal allowed me to focus on a deadline and I didn’t want to up end up quitting ( I do like to quit!). So I finally got motivation. Two to three days a week for 30 minutes I did a run/ walk program that I created and gradually over the next several months I made improvements in my running. I downloaded running apps so that I could track my progress and as a result I became excited about running. And 3 years later I still enjoy the challenge of races.

5K races are great fitness goals for newbies starting a fitness routine. The best part is it’s only 3.1 miles so you can walk or run. There are some amazing benefits to competing in races. One great benefit is you can focus on something else besides losing weight. Training for a competition distracts you from focusing solely on shedding pounds. Once you get in a routine of working out and training for a race the weight comes off faster than you realize. Another benefit is meeting people that share the same interests as you. Being around people competing in races allows you to learn about fitness classes, running groups, and upcoming races. Training for races is easier than you think too. There are tons of running guides and programs that can help you prepare for the 3.1 mile trek. If you want to start being more active, you can’t go wrong by participating in a 5Krace.

Helpful tips and training for 5K races.
Beginner Runner

Tips to know for first 5K

Beginner 5K Runner Program

Nike + Running App

Runkeeper App


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