Battle Against Sugar – Update Post

Quitting sugar was the best decision I’ve made!
It’s been 5 weeks and guess what? I am already seeing results. First, and surprisingly, I stay full longer. When I decided to quit sugar, I knew I needed to eat healthier fats during each meal, such as avocados and nuts to keep myself from craving sugar and other unhealthy foods. So, by adding more of the good fat my body seemed to not want the sweet flavors. Next, I’m not bloated by the end of the day. Bloating was one of my biggest issues! But I noticed that when I cut sugar, I no longer felt puffy at the end of the day. Finally, I’m seeing a change in my energy level. Goodbye to afternoon slumps. Now, I’m not going to lie, I do still have cravings for sugar. When in moments of a super strong craving, I snack on cheese and popcorn drizzled with coconut butter…yum! Nonetheless, I’m definitely more excited and confident that I will be able to reach my goals for 2015.

New slimmed down me!
New slimmed down me!
Small improvements to my body
Small improvements to my body

I am still working hard on growing my booty. My lower body feels stronger and my squats are more powerful. The changes are minimal, but it takes several months, focus, and determination to see serious results in my body. Workouts are posted monthly on my Fitness page. I will be changing my workouts biweekly and making them more challenging. Also, I dedicated a Nutrition page to track what I eat. Nutrition plays a big part in how quickly or slowly my body changes so finding areas of improvement will make huge strides toward seeing gains. Just in time for summer. Yay!

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