A Month Closer-Update Post

My 8 week sugar detox is done! I am more aware of the sugar content in the food that I eat, I have more control of how I eat, and my cravings for sweet snacks have decreased. Now that I am done with the program I will find a happy medium with my sugar intake. I’ve already notice that most food, especially take out, is a bit too sweet for me so I will continue to cook the majority of my meals. However, I feel confident that I am able to keep my sugar intake low.

My progress with my 2015 fitness goals is slow and steady. Occasionally I have small setbacks in my journey because of different life stressor, but in time of need my motivational support helps me to get back on track. It’s  been awhile since I’ve posted pics of my results. So here it goes!

Sept2014 left side
St2014 left side
May 2015 left side
May 2015 left side
Sept 2014
Sept 2014
May 2015 front
May 2015 front

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