Summer for New Additions- Update Post

Summer is quickly approaching and it’s time to update everyone with the progress of my 2015 Fit Goals.  I’ve been working hard in the gym lately so I was excited to see my results this time around. My booty feels slightly more muscular and I’ve noticed a bit of change in the shape (tiny gains help me stay motivated). We are only halfway through the year and I need to continue my hard work; that booty is not gonna get perky on it’s own! To see my workouts, take a look at my Fitness Page to check out the exercises that will help me get that lift. Also, my sugar intake is still moderately low. My goal is to eliminate as much added sugar from my daily meals as possible so that I can enjoy the abundance of all the summer fruits I will be eating over the next few weeks.



June photos

New Additions


At the beginning of May, I joined the Fitbit craze! I purchased a Fitbit Charge HR and I’ve been breaking records everyday! Check out my instagram page for Fitbit posts. I love tracking the calories I burn from my everyday workouts as well as monitoring my wacky sleep activity. Plus, I have this little fella to thank when it comes to making my daily step goals.


Another exciting addition to my summer is Koda! I adopted Koda last month from a local shelter in the area and he has been a great addition to the family. He’s a sweet, happy little Chihuahua mix who loves being outside and chasing the squirrels and ducks around the neighborhood while dragging me behind him.wpid-20150606_172048-1.jpgwpid-20150530_064744-1.jpg

It’s June so let’s make the next 6 months count! There is no rest for the determined.

One thought on “Summer for New Additions- Update Post

  1. I’m with you Megan…eating healthy (majority of the time) and working out. It’s great to see the progress made. Wishing you good luck (and hard work) in all of your goals.


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