No More Excuses, 4 Ways To Recharge Your Workout

Everyone has their moments when they find excuses to not workout. Whether you find yourself drained from a long day at work or you simply lost the motivation to wake up at 5 AM to hit the gym, having enough energy to workout is a big reason for setbacks in personal goals. Many times when I needed motivation to get my butt out of bed to workout I had to find different ways to instantly boost my mood and fuel me during my daily sweat sessions. I listed four ways that helped me that could work for you as well.



Google Play Music
Google Play Music

Music is a big influence to boosting my mood and getting ramped up for a workout. After a long day sitting at a desk I like to listen to my ‘Pump it up’ playlist for an instant mood lift.

Listening to fast tempo beats always gets me into the mood to kick ass on the treadmill.  Google Play Music and Spotify offers a large selection songs and customizable playlists that will make you feel like the badass that you are.



When getting prepared for an intense workout I like to use food as my fuel to get through my workout. Pre-workouts like ETB Uncaged Energy and Vega Sport help boost your energy and increase endurance while working out. ETB and Vega Sport are made from clean performance enhancing ingredients that not only improve your workout, but they are also good to put in your body. B-12 vitamins are my go-to when I need all day energy. Vitamins are great for me because I maintain energy throughout the day so I don’t have to eat when I’m not hungry.



If you are looking for something a little more satisfying try fruits and nuts. Apples with peanut butter or almonds with bananas combine healthy fats, and protein which increase your energy level so you can endure an intense workout. If you think fruits and nuts will not be enough, add a bowl of oatmeal and serve with a side of your favorite fruit.



Drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated all day. Water provides more than a dozen benefits especially, fighting fatigue, aiding in digestion, and reducing bloat which can be difficult to deal with if you are trying to finish a 20 minute run on the treadmill. Daily consumption of water is the best way to improve any workout.

For a list of post workout snacks read Electrolytes……..oh!

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