You Are Not Defined by Your Struggles, Rather How You Deal With Them

Every now and again I struggle to maintain my healthy lifestyle. For the past 3 months I’ve been fighting an internal battle that caused me agony and self-doubt. Being disappointed with my progress in school, frustrated with my career advancement, and my financial woes seem to crush my motivation to maintain a balanced life. I want to accomplish my goals and reach my peak level of health and happiness, but my inner voice keeps telling me, you’re failing!  How can I get motivated to get up everyday when the words, ” You’re a failure!” replay in my head all day.

I’m sad to admit that I am the type to be comforted by having an extra serving during dinner or skipping a day at the gym if it means not dealing with the stress of my life. Sometimes I tell myself this will not be permanent, but once I stumble a setback turns into a failure, a failure turns into a defeat and I keep getting crushed by negative thoughts that make me want to quit.

Hiding behind a mask and pretending to be in control of my life and emotions while I suffer internally is not the life I want. I want to be mentally and physically healthy. I want to wake up happy to work everyday. I want to be surrounded by people who connect with me spiritually and creatively. But in order to reach this point I realize I need to make a declaration for my life. From now on I will no longer do what is necessary to survive. I will not let my struggles consume my life. I will not feed the negative thoughts that break me down.

I WILL NOT let my setbacks become my identity!

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