3 Easy Steps To Starting an Indoor Compost

As a self-proclaimed conservationist, I do my part in recycling and conserving the natural resources of the planet. Starting an indoor compost is one of my goals that I set for myself a couple of years ago, but I never took the steps to incorporating it in my life. Composting is a form of recycling organic material, like food waste into a nutrient, fertile soil that can be used to plant new fruit and vegetable seeds. Composting helps to reduce organic material from landfills that naturally decomposes so it can become a resource to grow new plants. Now that I’m becoming more environmentally conscious, it’s time to take the plunge and make my own compost. With the help of Apartment Therapy’s post on indoor composting I started my first compost in less than an hour.

Materials Used:

I started with a 5 gal metal tin I got from TjMaxx, soil from my failed summer garden, and old newspaper.

Creating a compost:

I drilled holes in the bottom and rim of the metal tin. The more holes the better. A successful compost will need a significant amount of air in the container so that it can decompose properly.DSCN0562DSCN0559

Then I added soil from a few plants that dried out a few months ago. On top of the soil, I DSCN0567added a layer of newspaper. You may add a layer of dry material like leaves, saw dust, or hay (Note: Do not add the slick/glossy papers that are in the newspaper. They will not decompose properly due to the high gloss ink and toxic material used to make these papers.)DSCN0570

Then add your wet items like food waste such as egg shells, nuts, fruits and vegetables. This is my end result once I have my dry material and wet material combined.laststageprepcompost.jpg

And you’re done! You will need to turn your compost at least once a week. Initially, I stored my compost indoors, but I notice an increase of gnats in my apartment and in the compost, so I moved it to my balcony. Being vigilant with your compost will help to produce the perfect compost. Keeping a ratio of 3: 1 of dry material to wet material will also help to eliminate the pesky odors from an unkempt compost. I will post updates as my compost begins to decompose. If you have any questions, just leave comments below.

sources: apartment therapy

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