A Healthy Mind Leads to Happiness

Happiness is something that I actively seek everyday, but find difficult to achieve. Recently, there was an event in my life that made me realize I do not need the acceptance of others to be happy. It’s easy for me to get sucked in to the mentally that being around certain people will ruined my day or that someone else will cause me to not reach my full potential. When in reality I am the only one that controls my feelings, my thoughts, and my will to have a productive and positive day. So why do I continue to let myself get trapped by the negative thoughts. The people around me should not dictate how my day turns out. I have the power to determine whether my day turns out great or if my day becomes a nightmarish hell. So to live a happier life, I must have a healthy mind. Rid my mind of toxic thoughts and cynical energy that I lean on so dearly when times get blue. To build my healthy mind will require learning how to transform a negative into a positive and seeing the good in every situation so I can reshape how I see the potential in life.







2 thoughts on “A Healthy Mind Leads to Happiness

  1. So true Megan you are the captain of all your ships,be it friendship, leadership, or relationships.The pursuit of happiness is an attainable pursuit when it starts from within and travel to without!!!

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