Food Chains | #moviemonday

Recently, I’ve been watching more documentaries depicting the dangers of consuming fast food, having a sedentary lifestyle, and being uneducated about the nutritional content of food sold in grocery stores. A fair amount of these documentaries are underrated when compared to the mega hit movies in the theaters these days. I want to shed some light on one documentary, Food Chains, that piqued my interest. Food Chains is a documentary detailing with the exploitation of farmworkers in Immokalee, Florida. The film follows the lives of struggling farmworkers living in poverty not being able to afford decent housing, food, or maintaining a livable life due to the low wages given to these farmworkers.

As you watch the film you will see these Florida farmworkers come together to protest one of the biggest grocery stores chains to increase their wages by 1 penny so that farmworkers can have the opportunity to get out of poverty.

Fighting slave-like work conditions, sexual harassment, and going on a hunger strike are just a few problems that the Immokalee farmworkers have to deal with to get the attention of retailers to recognize the unfair treatment of farmworkers.


Film can be viewed on Netflix or Amazon.


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